Vote no! to BT Pay and Pension deal 2018!

The  ballot of the BT pay and pension deal opens on 19th April and closes on 2rd May 2018. After considering the details of the deal Greater London Combined Branch recommend that you vote no in all three sections of this deal. Ask yourself, will I be better off if this deal is agreed? and do I deserve better?

On Pensions we all loose out

•            BTPS members (joined before April 2000) –  the details of the hybrid scheme are still unknown and we won’t even know when it could be started until government legislation is changed in order create it. It is highly likely it will be an inferior pension to the BTPS and will result in you having less money. After years of hard work and sacrifice you deserve to live well in retirement.

•            BTRSS members (joined after April 2000) – although BT is offering “employer increases” of 25% this is only for those who have been contributing the minimum to their pension. The more you have put in the less BT will pay extra in to your pot. At current levels BTRSS members can only look forward to retiring into poverty.

•            (Workforce 2020) – even with the promised £150 pay rise, your pay, terms and conditions are significantly lower than that of your NEWGRID co-workers. £150 does not make up for being paid less for the same work and getting less leave and sick pay. You deserve the same rewards for working just as hard.

On Pay we all lose out

•            The offered 3% pensionable pay rise is still a real-terms pay cut as Feb 2018 saw RPI inflation hit 3.6% . And it  still dose not make up for the pensionable pay lost to BTPS member in the last deal.

•            And there is still no rise to London Weighting! It has been six years since London Weighting was raised and we are lagging behind the £4,098 paid to the public sector.

•            given £5 billion to BT shareholders (since 2013).

•            given  Gavin Patterson £20 million in remuneration.

•            lost £530 million in it’s BT Italia Division.

If BT can afford these, then they can afford to pay for a decent pension scheme and pay their employees what they deserve!

Vote no to the Pay and Pension Deal 2018 and bring BT back to the negotiating table.