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Comcast changes will affect Sky

The takeover of Sky by Comcast is sure to mean changes but details so far are only rumours. Comcast will need a return on their enormous investment, where they outbid Fox/Disney. Staff will need union support as change comes.

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New BT pension to start

The new ‘hybrid’ pension scheme for former members of the BT Pension scheme is available from 1st April 2019 but those eligible have 6 months to make a decision on signing up. CWU members can get advice from  quoting CWU.

BT Fleet future uncertain

Alongside the management problems of the last re-organisation, BT Fleet is struggling to hold on to work. Speculation about a sell off is everywhere given the BT management attitude to some parts of the organisation. Sky News reported that BT is actively pursuing a sale.

Sky Retail – is the end in sight?

Sky Retail – the part of the firm that has stalls in shopping centres – has made huge changes to pay and bonuses – and removed all its store manager posts at a stroke. Those affected had pay cut, were refused redundancy, and not even allowed a formal grievance. Employment Tribunal cases have been lodged. Many staff believe this is preparation for closing down Sky Retail.

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