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Staff transfer to Openreach

From October 1st Openreach became more independent of BT and staff were transferred under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employees). Terms and conditions all stay the same but the employer is now Openreach, although it is still a subsidiary company of BT.

Comcast wins Sky

Comcast has won the auction to control Sky, after a lengthy tussle with Fox. There will inevitably be changes in Sky that impact on the workforce, on top of what is happening already. Staff will need a union more than ever.

Sky retail consultation

Sky Retail have began a consultation with staff reps and then closed it within weeks, to press ahead with their plan.Major changes are proposed which will result in store managers losing their positions, but they have been told they cannot be considered redundant. Bonus changes have already been piloted and will be introduced across all staff; some will face pay cuts as a result.

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BT Fleet restructure

BT Fleet has lost some work and cuts to working hours (shifts) will follow.  The company decided to put in place a new structure of one manager per site, and remove the highest grade of workshop supervisor. The resulting dislocation has seen new managers imported to London as promotion opportunities go.