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Sky retail bonus

Sky are piloting big changes to the pay and bonus systems in the retail stores in shopping centres. Members have many questions about these but Sky have decided not to have any formal consultation as they believe this is non contractual. More information will be sent to members, and concern has led to an increase in union membership. We can discuss with staff outside working hours on request.

Proposition for AGM

This meeting of GLC branch agrees that the branch BEC is instructed to conduct an immediate review of the branch organisational financial and operational structures.

The primary purpose of this review is to ensure the branch continues to be in a position to provide the members with first class representation and services whilst ensuring the branch remains financially viable for the short medium and long term.

The review will commence immediately following the branch AGM 2018 and will be concluded within a 3 month period.

At the conclusion of the review the BEC will publish a detailed report to the membership. The report must contain specific recommendations on how any proposed changes will be progress, along with a rationale containing reasons and timelines. The report will be placed before a branch or special branch meeting for consideration and approval.

The review must identify options for developing and introducing relevant changes within the branch in accordance with the strategic aims objects and direction set out int he motion. In relation to finances the review must ensure that all branch expenditure including any payments made to staff employed by the branch,or on head office payroll that the branch pay for must be viable and affordable. The report must contain financial assessment of this expenditure thereby ensuring complete transparency and accountability. Accordingly the review will therefore need to examine whether our current approach to recruitment and organising continues to be fit for purpose.