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BT loses pension case in court

The High Court has confirmed (19.1.18) that BT cannot change the rate of pension increases in section C of the BT Pension Scheme from Retail Prices to Consumer Prices, normally about 1% lower. We support this decision and want section B brought into line with C. This is separate from BT’s plan to cut pensions, where the company is now considering the results of consultation.

Branch Meeting 22nd Jan 2018 6pm

The following motion is on the agenda of our next meeting from Jeffrey Till: ‘This branch informs CWU HO (SDGS dept) that the branch will no longer be willing to pay for a branch organiser post. To this end we instruct CWU HO (SDGS dept) to cease all deductions from branch monthly rebate in regard to the existing post from end of annual conference 2018.’

Other items will be nominations for branch positions, and motions for CWU annual conference which must be in writing in advance. This includes motions on public ownership, immigration policy, and Labour Womens’ Conference.

Disney deal and Sky

Sky shares bouncing up and down are the symptoms of uncertainties brought about by the Disney deal. Disney is buying most of 21st Century Fox assets including the stake in Sky. This at a time when a takeover of Sky by Fox is still under scrutiny by the Competition and Markets authority. Whatever happens now, workers in Sky more than ever need a union in this uncertain world.

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Virgin Media ETs

This branch currently has several Employment Tribunals in the pipeline with Virgin Media – unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. We do not hesitate to support members who are badly treated..