Union Executive elections

Please use your vote in Union elections for the National Executive. Branch members are recommended to vote for:

NEC Section1 – John BALLARD, Steve PHILLIPS, Winston RICHARDS, Angela TEELING, Joshua WILLIAMS

NEC Section2 – Bill DIXON

NEC section 3 – Will MURRAY

NEC Section 4 – Women – Angela TEELING, BAME – Winston Richards

TFS Exec – Young Worker – Connor MCCANN

TFS Exec – John BALLARD, Charlotte REGAN, Winston RICHARDS

Regional Secretary – Ian MURPHY


CWU recognised in EE

Thanks to a  sharp rise in CWU membership, the union has gained official recognition in the mobile company EE. This means there can be formal discussions about pay and conditions. CWU is already recognised in O2 and has many members in Vodafone and 3, so the union is a firm part of the mobile telecoms sector.

Openreach travel time campaign

The CWU has launched a campaign to bring openreach engineers fully into the protection of the European Working Time Directive and to eliminate ‘Personal Travel Time’. The effect of current arrangements is to push people to work unpaid for longer and longer hours. The union wants this contractual obligation removed from existing and future contracts. Petitions and other campaign material are available from http://www.cwu.org/campaign-pack-our-hours/

Comcast changes will affect Sky

The takeover of Sky by Comcast is sure to mean changes but details so far are only rumours. Comcast will need a return on their enormous investment, where they outbid Fox/Disney. Staff will need union support as change comes.

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New BT pension to start

The new ‘hybrid’ pension scheme for former members of the BT Pension scheme is available from 1st April 2019 but those eligible have 6 months to make a decision on signing up. CWU members can get advice from lighthousefinancialadvice.co.uk  quoting CWU.