BT forced redundancy

After months of argument in BT Enterprise, the company has made a member compulsory redundant. We beleive this means the end of the BT ‘no compulsory redundancy’ policy and ALL members in every part of the company are now in danger.

Openreach coronavirus problems

Openreach seem to be pushing a more aggressive approach to staff.

– Despite an agreement to accommodate engineers to work at home to shield vulnerable people, some managers are blocking this.

– Provision copper order books have been re-opened

– Fibre members are under pressure to enter buildings for provision, rather than stop work at the entrance

– An instruction has been issued to turn the leave year into 2 half years with members required to take half their leave by end September.

Members should stick by existing agreements but can get advice on 020 7322 5000 or

Covid 19 – living with extremely vulnerable

Management have been varied about interpreting these government guidelines.  A national bulletin was sent out to BT members. First stage is to discuss with your manager and supply evidence that you need to isolate. You may then be able to get paid special leave (with some annual leave included). Issues in all companies may be similiar.