BT wields the axe – facilities first

In a rerun of activities early in the millennium, BT is looking to cut its way to financial success. Following the chopping of staff pensions, next is the attack on ‘non core’ assets. First this time around  is BT Facilities – only brought ‘in house’ a few years ago. Management plan to sell it to CBRE and ISIS. Rumour is rife as to what is next -  anything could be classified ‘non core’.

SARS concerns in Virgin Media

We have big cause for concern about the SARS attendance review system. This goes up in steps 1 to 4 – with 4 being dismissal. This despite longer term absences often being related to disabilities. Advice to members is – do not co-operate with SARS 4, but pursue a case of disability discrimination. After all, Richard Branson says it is priority to get,and keep disabled people in work.